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Contact Lens Policy

The Eye Clinic of Racine offers a variety of refractive services from glasses to contact lenses and refractive surgery.  To insure safe, comfortable and successful contact lens wear and provide for optimum health of your eyes, we have established this policy concerning contact lenses and the fitting of contact lenses.

The fitting or checking the fit of contact lenses, or writing prescriptions for contacts is not a part of a routine exam.  This is an additional service for which there is a separate fee.  Prior to fitting contact lenses, an eye exam is necessary to determine if contact lens wear is safe and appropriate.  After this exam, we must fit and then evaluate the fit and power prior to providing a contact lens prescription.  For the first time wearer this sometimes requires several appointments.

For the first time contact lens wearer there is a $50 fee for fitting and instruction.  This fee includes insertion and removal instruction, and a starter kit.  For the experienced contact lens wearer the fitting fee is $30.  If you need to come in for several fittings there is a $30 charge for each visit.

We also offer an expanded plan, which allows you one year of unlimited visits with an eye care professional for the fit or power adjustments to your contact lenses for $200. This fee is payable at the beginning of your year option.

If a medical eye problem occurs, it may be billed under your medical insurance plan.

Contact lenses and supplies are purchased separately and not included in the above fees.  If you order contact lenses from us, you are obligated to pay for them.  If you later decide not to purchase the contacts, you will be charged a restocking fee of 20% of the cost of the lenses.  The package must be unopened and unmarked.

We generally do not recommend extended wear contact lenses.  Sleeping in contact lenses has been shown to greatly increase the risk of severe corneal infection.  However, there are some lenses manufactured specifically for extended wear and with proper wear and follow up, the risks are minimized.

With any contact lens wear, it is the responsibility of the patient to use proper solutions, maintain appropriate wearing schedules and seek follow-up care at proper intervals.

If, at any time, redness, pain or loss of vision occurs, contact lens wear should be discontinued immediately and a doctor should evaluate you.